Our Mission:

presenting the utmost in community, hospitality and quality while advocating for equity and environmental justice at all levels of the coffee industry through radical conservation and supporting sustainable, traceable and ethical farming practices

Both HEY locations are dedicated to lowering their landfill dependency and advocating for more environmentally sound policies. We believe businesses have an even greater obligation to develop environmentally responsible practices. Business are greater volume and can therefore deflect more waste from the waste stream than an individual, and cafes in particular are also better positioned as cornerstones of the community to advocate for these practices by sharing our innovations with our neighbors who share our values.

We're getting noticed and making a difference.

We were recently recognized by Rubicon Global as Best in Louisiana for removiong our trash can and beefing up our composting campaign. We then advanced as national finalists among 14 other environmentally conscious businesses for Best Business in America 2018.

When we started composting as a new business back in 2010, we were one of the first in New Orleans. Back then, many of our customers didn’t even know about composting! Since then, we’re delighted to have seen our composting partner, Schmelly's Dirt Farms, has become one of the fastest growing small businesses in our Community! We have also enjoyed seeing our customers start composting. Then, in 2016, we took the plunge and GOT RID OF OUR GARBAGE CONTRACT ENTIRELY, forcing us to expand our composting and recycling programs and reach out to our neighbors to find uses for our excess burlap and pallets. We’ve seen them very creatively used in gardens, decorations, and even Mardi Gras costumes!

Read about how we Canned the Can here

Earlier this year, we experimented with finding the perfect noodle at the restaurant supply store that could function as a drinking straw. After the success of the bucatini noodle, we shared some with our business neighbors. We’re very excited to see the Taqueria next door, Del Fuego, now serves every margarita (gluten-tolerance permitting!) with a pasta straw.

We support coffee farms with sustainable practices who give back to their communities.

There’s only so much conservation one business can accomplish within their own walls, but through advocacy, leadership, and community engagement; a business can make a HUGE difference. We are tremendously proud of our positive impact in our community.

And we're just getting started.

We look forward to providing more resources here to share tools and tutorials on how you can reduce your landfill-dependency at home and work! Stay tuned